Preparing a grant application is a lengthy process in which administrative staff strive to assist you as much as they can. We ensure that projects created by academic staff meet the formal requirements of individual competitions, while at the same time, we must care for the financial interest of the University. For this reason, it is necessary to introduce appropriate procedures that will ensure comfortable working conditions for all parties involved.

Each Grant Application Procedure is based on the internal regulations of AMU, such as the Organizational Regulations or the Remuneration Regulations, and is approved by the Director of the CWP. It thus provides you with a synthetic extract of rules dispersed across various documents. In the case of cyclic competitions, which have the most applications, we create additional, more detailed guidelines to optimize the functioning of all administrative procedures.

GENERAL PROCEDURE: an email notification to the Project Support Center ( expressing the intention to apply should be made no later than 3 weeks before the end of the recruitment period in a given competition, and 2 weeks before this date, the designated supervisor should receive access to the completed application to be able to review it.