The National Centre for Research and Development

The National Centre for Research and Development – basic and applied research

The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) – is an executive agency that has been supporting Polish innovation development since 2007. Their motto is “The future happens at our place”. It focuses on creating cutting-edge solutions in the most important sectors of Polish industry. It brings together scientists, students and entrepreneurs to increase the competitiveness of the national economy on the international arena.

NCBR offers participation in projects financed by the State Treasury and EU Funds. National initiatives support the production of modern technologies and solutions and strengthen the link between Polish business and science. Examples include the Tango competition for scientific units and scientific-industrial consortia, or the Lider competition aimed at young scientists.

In cooperation with the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of the Interior, NCBR prepared a competition to enhance national security and produce Polish “know-how” in the field of security and defence technologies.

Strategic programmes such as Infostrateg, Gospostrateg or Biostrateg are characterised by high budgets for the social and economic development of the country. They pose specific technical, scientific or social problems that should be taken into account in the research and development work of researchers applying for grants.

The NCBR’s task is to provide substantive support and act as an intermediary in the transfer of funding to beneficiaries implementing programmes from the European Funds. Such competitions include: European Funds for Modern Economy 2021-2027, European Funds for Social Development 2021-2027 or the Digital Poland Operational Programme.

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