MSCA Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

The program supports researchers at various stages of their careers. Funding is provided for research work and training conducted in both Europe and non-European countries. MSCA supports staff development through the recruitment of researchers from abroad and staff participation in international research projects. The program allows projects in any scientific discipline. They can involve both basic and implementation research. A requirement is the development of scientific careers through international mobility of researchers.

The addressees of the program, depending on the type of project, are scientists of any nationality who will cooperate with institutions based in the European Union or abroad such as scientific institutions, companies, NGOs or international organizations. The institution can be a beneficiary or a partner organization.  

Researchers benefiting from the MSCA must comply with the mobility rule, i.e. they cannot implement the grant in a country where they have stayed for more than 12 months in the last three years. They are employed in the projects under employment contracts.

The budgets of MSCA projects are created on the basis of the number of person-months for which researchers are taken on and the rates set by the EC for the categories of (1) researchers’ salaries and their allowances, (2) costs of research implementation, organization and participation in conferences, training and courses, costs of publication of research results (3) management and indirect costs.

MSCA activities are part of the European Union’s Horizon Europe Framework Program. Applications are submitted electronically through the Funding & Tender opportunities portal:  


Please apply, by email:, as soon as possible after deciding to apply.

IMPORTANT: EU research funding grants involve more work than national competitions. We know from experience that in the case of the Leader of an international application, it can take up to six months to prepare and then consult the substantive part and the budget. When UAM acts as a Partner the minimum time for fine-tuning the budget and paperwork is one month. A key element of the budget is the salaries for members of the research team, which must be calculated in accordance with UAM’s Salary Regulations. Failure to consult the budget with CWP and underestimation of salary costs may result in UAM not proceeding with the awarded project and the partnership agreement will not be signed.

In the process of preparing the application, our University provides support from people experienced both in preparing and evaluating applications for the European Commission.